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Due to the inclement weather, Kindergarten Registration has been extended to February 17th.


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February 1-10 from 9:00-2:00

February 16, 2017:  12:00-12:45

Presenter:  Jeff Snyder

Topic:  Underwater Robotics

March 8, 2017:  12:00-12:45

Presenter:  Amy  Pontes

Topic:  Radio Broadcasting

February 6---Professional Development for teachers; no school for students
Week of February 20--School vacation week

Below are the dates for this year's Town Meetings:

September 20  (Faculty and Staff present for students)

October 18 (Mrs. Carey's class)

November 15 (Mrs. Gaynor's class)

November 29 (Mrs. Squatrito's class)

December 20 (Mrs. Fagan's class)

January 10 Mrs. Promades' class)

January 31 (Mrs. Tutt's class)

February 14 (Mrs. Felag's class)

March 14 (Mrs. Hunt's class)

April 4 (Mrs. Piette's and Mrs. Thornton's classes)

May 2 (Mrs Gaynor and Mrs. Silva's classes)

May 23 (Mrs. Felag and Mrs. Howard's classes)  

June 13:  Sowams Sings!  (Time TBD.  Subject to change to June 6)


All Town Meetings will be 1:55-2:25


September 12*

October 5*

November 7

December 5

January 9*

February 13*

March 6

April 3

May 1

June 6


Meetings begin at 7:00pm


*Please note:  Due to holidays and days with no schools, these are not the first Monday of the month.  October’s date is a Wednesday.​


​To sign up for the school directory, click on the PTO link above.


To access the Handbook, click on the "Resources" tab above.​

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