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Barrington Public Schools Mission Statement: 
The Barrington Public Schools will empower all
students to excel.


Kate D. Brody, Chair​
​Anna S. Clancy, Vice Chair​
​John D. Alessandro, Jr.
​Megan P. Douglas, M.D.
​Gina M. Pine
The email addresses provided are for individual School Committee members and are provided for the convenience of the public in communicating with individual School Committee members. Please be aware that, pursuant to Rhode Island General Laws 42-46-5 (b) (1), individual School Committee members may not share the communication with the entire School Committee, other individual members of the School Committee, or other individuals.
The email addresses should never be used for official communications that must be made to the School Committee, especially for matters on appeal and legal notices.
If you would like to address the entire School Committee, please contact the Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Michael B. Messore III, at and request distribution to the entire School Committee.

 Student Representatives to the School Committee

2011-2012  Elizabeth Teitz
2012-2013  Faith Moses
2013-2014  Timothy Connor
2014-2015  Lucina Schwartz
2015-2016  Katharine Odjakjian
2016-2017  Eli Shea 

 Agenda Announcements

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Government Center, 283 County Road

Barrington, RI 02806



May 9, 2017

7:00 p.m.





Discussion and possible vote on the FY18 Proposed School Operating Budget




Barrington Town Hall is accessible to the handicapped.  Individuals requiring any accommodations for disabilities must notify Barrington Public Schools at 401-245-5000 (TTD 401-247-3750) not less than 48 hours in advance.


Posted on May 5, 2017 at 4:30 p.m. at Barrington Public Library, Barrington Town Hall, and Secretary of State Web Site.  



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 About Your School Committee

We believe that exceptional school districts develop exceptional students.  We are proud of our district’s tradition of excellence, yet our focus remains on our journey of continuous improvement as we strive to empower all students to excel.
The Barrington School Committee is composed of five members of the community who are elected at large to four year terms.  Terms are staggered to provide continuity in public service and a maximum of three new members are elected at one time.  We are proud to have a Student Representative to the School Committee, who reflects the opinions and concerns of students.  The Student Representative to the School Committee serves in a nonvoting advisory capacity.
We welcome your presence at our School Committee meetings.  School Committee meetings are open to the public and are typically scheduled on the first and third Thursday of every month during the academic year and as needed during the summer.  At all regularly scheduled meetings, the open meeting convenes at 7:00pm in the School Committee Room of the School Administration Office at Government Center, 283 County Road, Barrington.
School Committee meetings are available on the district website ( via livestream as well as archived meetings.
In order to ensure compliance with the Open Meetings Act, notice of all School Committee meetings is electronically filed with the Secretary of State, posted on the district website ( and posted in two (2) public locations within the governmental unit at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance of the meeting.
We appreciate your interest in the Barrington Public Schools.
Kate D. Brody, Chair
7 Ronald Road
(401) 245-0818
Anna S. Clancy, Vice Chair
22 Fairway Drive
(401) 247-1572
John D. Alessandro, Jr.
15 Meadowbrook Drive
(401) 289-0423
Megan P. Douglas, M.D.
25 Rumstick Road
Barrington, Rhode Island 02806
(401) 237-0341
Gina M. Pine
479 New Meadow Road
Barrington, Rhode Island 02806
(401) 447-3918

Eli Shea
2016-2017 Student Representative

 Meeting Dates

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 School Committee Briefs


 Tentative Dates and Topics


 Meeting Agendas and Minutes

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Folder: 2016-2017 Agendas
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Folder: 2014-2015 Agendas
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