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Dear Parents, 


Here are some simple tips for accessing your child's summer work. 

1.  Login to student accounts using the username and password they used throughout the year.  Letters with account information were sent home during the last full week of school. 

2.  Click on the MATH class your child was assigned to last year. The title should include "Math Elementary Grade " not "Approaches to Learning". 

3.  Complete personal assignments under the subtitle "Your Personal Work".  (There is NO Class Work assigned for the summer). 

I hope this helps!

Principal Whitehead


​TenMarks letters were sent home in backpack express-Feel free to access this resource over the summer.  See attached.

TenMarks Summer Letter.docxTenMarks Summer Letter.docx

Summer Reading Brochures were also sent home with students during the week of June 13th.  Visit the Library Page for more information.  Thank you. 

Please be reminded that these are suggestions for students.  There are no requirements for summer learning.  We recommend that the students in K-3 enjoy time with their families, on vacation, at camp and more.  Reading, playing games, and talking with your child are the most important things you can do for their learning.

Enjoy! Principal Whitehead


Here is a link to the new Middle School Building Project website!presentations/ne9ex.   We welcome your feedback. 

This is also linked from the BPS main webpage just click on the site plan.

Thank you.

Ron Tarro

Director of Finance and Administration

Barrington Public Schools



​Paper copies of Progress Reports will not be sent home.  Families will access them through ASPEN.

All families were issued Aspen accounts.  A letter was sent home from the district.  Please visit the ASPEN help desk at, if you have difficulty with your logging on to your account.

If you are having difficulty accessing your child's teacher page, please go to the Barrington Public Schools website, click on the "parent" tab, click on Aspen FAQs and you will find directions, videos, and other resources to assist you.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.


K-5 Math Website

Resources for parents and teachers, please visit! 



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