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The Barrington School District Green Committee
Mission Statement
The committee is a group of people dedicated to promoting waste reduction, recycling, and responsible purchasing in their school or workplace. The committee is comprised of adminstrators, maintenance staff, teachers, students, and parents that work together to make our schools a more 'green' environment. The goals of the committee are to:
  • put maximum recycling into place and educate all involved into practice
  • pursue energy savings, conservation, and waste minimization
  • promote programs for the students with respect to environmental preservation and conservation

Meeting dates (All meetings take place at 3:30pm at Barrington Middle School in the presentation room):

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Upcoming Events:

The District Green Team collected leftover pumpkins and trash from the Primrose Hill School Pumpkin Stroll. The pumpkins were composted through the district composting program.​  See picture in Document Library on right.

Current Inititaves: Below is a list of initiatives for each school in the district.
Barrington High School:
Barrington Middle School: Contact -
  • Milk carton recycling at lunch
  • Plastic bottle recycling in the classroom
  • Double-sided printing in the library
  • Print cartridge recycling
  • Plastic bag recycling in the cafeteria 
Hamden Meadows School:
Cool the Earth.jpg

16 second and third grade students from 8 classrooms have joined together to be the guiding group in our efforts to create a greener school. These childen plan to launch a schoolwide effort to reduce the waste in our cafeteria as the first endeavor this year. Naming themselves the "Green Squad", they have come up with 7-8 concrete steps they will be sharing with the rest of the students at our Town Meeting on February 29th as the kick-off event. Posters are being created that will hang in the cafeteria and announcements will be made regarding the amount of waste we reduce. (They plan to have some "before and after" weighing results to share as time goes on). We all hope this first small step will lead to much more...they have loads of ideas for going forward!
Nayatt School:
Sowams School:
Contact Kristen Materne at or Tim Faulkner at with any suggestions.

  • In January 2013, Sowams officially made the switch from Styrofoam to compostable lunch trays. The trays will be composted with other food scraps from student lunches. The expected compost will provide fertilizer for outdoor student gardens.
  • During Sowams Earth Week: Zero-waste lunches will run all week. Presentations will also be given about composting and recycling along with other events.
  • Sowams will take after Hampden Meadows and present the Cool Earth play and classroom program.
  • We are looking at bringing in local Rhody Fresh milk for the cafeteria.
  • We are also seeking ideas for getting students involved with choosing lunch menus.

 Document Library

Folder: 2012-2013
Folder: 2013-2014
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Composted Pumpkins.jpg
Cool the Earth.jpg
Green Committee Meeting Minutes for January 10.pdf
Meeting Minutes 10-9-2012.pdf
Meeting Minutes 11-13-2012.pdf
Meeting Minutes 12-11-12.pdf
Meeting Minutes 12-3-2011.pdf
Meeting Minutes 2-25-2013.pdf
Meeting Minutes 3-12-13.pdf
Meeting Minutes 4-9-2013.pdf
Meeting Minutes 5-24-2012.pdf
Meeting Minutes 9-11-2012.pdf
Minutes 2-7-2012.pdf
NGRID - RIa Outreach Letter 2013.doc
NGRID - RIb How to Participate 20122013.doc
NGRID - RIc Commitment Form 2013.doc
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Start a green habit in 2012.pdf

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