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 Monthly Financials

Folder: FY2012-13 Monthly Financials
Folder: FY2013-14 Monthly Financials
Folder: FY2014-15 Monthly Financials
Folder: FY2015-16 Monthly Financials
Folder: Town-School Annual Financial Reports
BPS Expenditure Rpt 07-31-2016.pdf
BPS Expenditure Rpt 08-31-2016.pdf
BPS Expenditure Rpt 09-30-2016.pdf
BPS Expenditure Rpt 10-31-2016.pdf
BPS Expenditure Rpt 11-30-2016.pdf
BPS Expenditure Rpt 12-31-2016.pdf
BPS Expenditure Rpt 1-31-2017.pdf
BPS Expenditure Rpt 2-28-2017.pdf
BPS Expenditure Rpt 3-31-2017.pdf
State Report period ending Dec 2016.pdf


Folder: Approved Budgets
Folder: Enrollment Reports and Updates
Folder: FY14 Budget Information
Folder: FY15 Budget Information
Folder: FY16 Budget Information
Folder: FY17 Budget Information
Barrington SC special meeting 3-6-17.pdf
BPS FY18-22 Capital Budget Request 12-6-2016.pdf
Budget Calendar FY18.pdf
Budget Summary Process 6-6-2013.pdf
Collaborative Initiatives 11-16-2015.pdf
FY18 Budget Framework Presentation 1-5-2017.pdf
FY18 Budget Highlight Summ Bdgt Wrkshp 2-2-2017.pdf
FY18 Budget Principal Presentation 1-19-17.pdf
FY18 Comprehensive Budget 2-16-2017.pdf
FY18 Comprehensive Budget 3-2-2017 v2.pdf
FY18 eBudget Exec Summary 3-6-17.pdf
FY18 Enrollment Presentation 12-15-16.pdf
SC Approved Budget Adjustment 4-12-2017.pdf
School Capital Projects Status Report v2.pdf

 Per Pupil Exp and Financial Data

FY06 Per Pupil Equalized.pdf
FY06 Per Pupil Special Ed.pdf
FY07 Per Pupil Equalized Expenditure.pdf
FY07 State Ave - Total Expense by Function.pdf
FY08 Per Pupil Equalized Expenditures.pdf
FY09 PPE Sorted.pdf
FY09 PPE Special Ed-Sorted.pdf
FY10 MASS - District Report 2010.pdf
FY10 PPE Sorted by District.pdf
FY11 PPE Summary by PPE.pdf
FY12 PPE Expenditures.pdf
FY12 PPE Special-Education.pdf
FY13 PPE Equalized Expenditures Report Less ARRA- Rev 121514.pdf
FY13 PPE Special Education.pdf
FY14 PPE Equalized Expenditures Report.pdf
FY15 PPE Equalized Expenditures.pdf

 Links to Financial Sources


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